What Are the Symptoms of Highly Sensitive Person?

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is defined as a person who is easily angered or distressed by small or insignificant matters.

What Are the Symptoms of Highly Sensitive Person?

People who suffer from HSP condition are called “HSPs” which is short for “highly sensitive person.”

Sensory Processing Sensitivity is a personality or psychological trait which is characterized by a deeper, more refined sensory processing of emotional, social, and physical stimuli. This is the ability to react to physical, verbal and mental stimuli in a more “intense” manner. In the simplest form, this is described as “feeling,” “getting a kick out of,” “purring”seeing with your eyes.” A person having this sensitivity will be intensely concerned about the reactions of others to their actions, words and even thoughts. He will be constantly aware of his body’s reaction to these stimuli and use it as an indicator of how the other person will respond.

A person with this sensitivity will experience a constant stream of “feelings,” emotions and perceptions and will then be able to anticipate the person’s reaction to that information. For example, if a person is angry or upset, a person with this sensitivity will experience this anger and upset as quickly as possible.

Being Highly Sensitive Person is a condition which can be quite embarrassing and at times it can become a hindrance to living a normal life. It can result in problems in relationships, work, school and other areas.

What Are the Symptoms of Highly Sensitive Person?

It can also cause a person to have trouble in accepting social situations, even with their closest friends. To a person suffering from HSP, even a simple conversation can trigger the onset of an emotional outburst.

HSP has a variety of difficulties when it comes to relationships. The first is that the person cannot seem to accept responsibility for their own actions and reactions. As a result, they often feel guilty when they get upset and try to change something they perceive to be the other person’s fault. They cannot understand why other people take offense at their actions or reactions.

Another difficulty for the HSP person is being able to think rationally. It is very hard for them to make decisions because they often find it difficult to process all the information and can easily become lost in thought.

Because of their sensitivity, this person finds it hard to be alone. They are unable to do so.

What Are the Symptoms of Highly Sensitive Person?

They find it difficult to communicate with others due to their inability to think clearly. They can become depressed when their emotions get the best of them. They usually have trouble concentrating on the material around them and thus find it difficult to carry out everyday activities.

Sometimes they can also become frustrated because they cannot communicate their feelings properly. A person with this sensitivity often becomes depressed when they experience heartbreak or grief, even though they may be emotionally happy for other people. Thus, even if they feel happiness for someone else, they still may experience sadness or pain.

This person also has trouble in relating to other people. Often they find it difficult to make friends or get along with others because they cannot control their emotions or their actions.

What Are the Symptoms of Highly Sensitive Person?

Because of their highly sensitive nature, they often find it difficult to form relationships that they need.

A high risk for HSP can be diagnosed through the use of a questionnaire. These questionnaires are designed to determine whether a person has this kind of sensitivity. The questionnaires include questions about things like social phobia, depression, fear of being alone and failure. These tests can help to identify the problem, thereby giving doctors an idea about the type of person they are dealing with.

A doctor can also provide medications for a person who is highly sensitive. This person often has to deal with depression, anger issues and other types of disorders associated with high sensitivity. Some medications are antidepressants which can help to calm the person and make them more stable.

There are several treatments for this serious disorder. Some of them are psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and medication.

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